Yannis Andricopoulos Γιαννης Ανδρικοπουλος

Skyros - Sunshine for the soul

By Yannis Andricopoulos & Dina Glouberman

The Lure of Illusions

By Yannis Andricopoulos

History, Politics and Dreams

By Yannis Andricopoulos

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Yannis Andricopoulos Ph.D., (Γιαννης Ανδρικοπουλος), formerly London correspondent of Athens dailies and co-founder of Skyros Holidays, is author of several non-fiction books. His latest publication, Skyros, Sunshine for the Soul, written in conjunction with Dina Glouberman, recalls the creation, the development and the achievements of Skyros, the holiday centre established on the Greek island of Skyros in 1979. His previous book, The Lure of Illusions, is his first ever fiction story. It is a tale of intrigue and tragedy in today’s war-torn Syria, a world in which its protagonists, both local and overseas, view madness not as an abnormality but as a lubricant.

His previous book, History, Politics and Dreams, comes under the heading of literary nonfiction, this relatively young genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques in the description of factually accurate events. It is based on the author’s personal experiences from the time the harsh realities of Germany’s occupation of Greece left this four-year-old boy with some indelible memories to the current devastating financial crisis.

A Cultural Challenge, Yannis’ trilogy published by Imprint Academic in 2008, included the titles In Bed with MadnessThe Greek Inheritance and The Future of the Past. Liberal imperialism, corporate greed, global injustice and environmental degradation are destined, the author argues, to lead us to a broad and devastating crisis of authority. As if to prove his point, the financial crisis that erupted later in the same year, accompanied by growing inequality, illegitimate international military interventions, the rise of the jihadis and the migrant crisis, all of which tarnished the moral credentials of capitalism, alienated many people from the élites and led to the rise of ‘know-nothing’ populism.

Apart from the above titles and also an essay on Greek Fascism included in Who Were the Fascists, a book published by the University of Bergen, Norway, all of his earlier books are in Greek and cover various aspects of European 20th century history.

The first of those books, 1944, Κρισιμη Χρονια, is an edited publication of British prime minister Winston Churchill’s personal papers on Greece during 1944, when the German army was forced to withdraw from the country and the Greek left-leaning resistance movement met the violent opposition of the British.

The second book, Οι Ριζες του Ελληνικου Φασισμου, covers Greek authoritarianism as it manifested itself since 1922 when the military assumed a determining role in Greek politics, and parliamentary democracy, even though on display, had ceased to function. His third book published in Greek, Το Ευρωπαικο Αδιεξοδο, focuses on the desperate search for security by the South Eastern and Central European Powers at the time of Hitler’s ascension to power in Germany.

Yannis’ fourth book published in Greece, Η Δημοκρατια του Μεσοπολεμου, deals extensively with the Greek Republic (1924 – 1935) and its inherent inability to avert its own demise due to the extensive corruption of the system.

Between 1989 and 1995 Yannis did also publish and edit i-to-i (Eye to Eye), a 'Forum for Change’ magazine to which many well-known writers and journalists contributed.

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